PLAY® Technologies in Education is an emerging edTech company focused on innovation, accountability, and learning through active engagement. Our purpose is to provide education stakeholders and children with proven technology, strategies, and tools to support effective teaching that results in positive student outcomes.  Visit our about page to learn more about our targeted positive outcomes.

PLAY: Promoting Learning and Accountability with Young Children® Services Offered

PLAY: Promoting Learning and Accountability with Youth Services Offered

  • Consulting with you about your organizational team
  • Leadership Coaching for you and your team
  • Speaking at events
  • Providing professional development for your team
  • Education technology development 
  • Education App development
  • School model development for increased engagement and achievement

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Choice Leads to Engagement

We have conducted studies related to age and ability to make choices, regulate time, increased engagement, and achievement. Feel free to contact us for more information. We have documented through video clips some key findings related to choice.


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Interviews with children: why do they like choice?Small groups are possible when students are engaged.Teachers are responsible for classroom management.
Students can make choices about their learning.Teachers can conduct small group lessons when students are engaged in learning.Teachers are leaders and must manage the environment and ensure students understand and use effective procedures when using the choice board. Hint: focus on children and teacher in the background.